How Renewed Works

As part of our commitment to finding a better way of creating and servicing high-quality performance cycling apparel, we are excited to offer Velocio Renewed: our latest collection of revived, repurposed and reconditioned apparel. Extending the quality and durability our brand is known for, Velocio Renewed answers the question of how to get the most from every piece.  Now, a product's life doesn’t have to end with a small tear, a ripped seam or blemish. We’ve partnered with experts in creating and executing circular product systems, The Renewal Workshop, to help recover non-restockable Velocio Apparel and to renew them into reconditioned cycling kit, ready for another ride down the road or trail.

Here is how the renewed process works and what you can expect when you receive your Velocio Renewed product.

Receiving and Sorting

What types of products can be renewed?

Currently we are renewing products that are returned through our Signature Guarantee and returns program. Some products have been worn and show minor wear, some have tears or abrasions, while others have minor cosmetic defects and cannot be restocked and sold as “new”.

These products are sent to The Renewal Workshop (in Cascade Locks, OR, USA), where they are received and sorted for quality inspection. Most of the products that are received are renewable and begin the renewal process. However, upon inspection, some do not meet the criteria. These products are either donated or recycled and made into materials that are used in other products and industries.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleaning and Sanitation

All renewed products are washed to a “clean as new standard” using the Tersus CO2 cleaning system, the most advanced waterless cleaning technology. Items that cannot be cleaned in the Tersus system are washed in commercial grade washing machines. Every renewed product begins it’s second life here, in the advanced washing machine, to ensure it arrives in your hands  as clean as the day it was made. From this point forward, every step and station of the process involves cleaning and sanitization.

Product Identification

Product Identification

After laundry, products are then identified by technicians, matching products to their original data. New bar codes and unique product identifiers are added for tracking, inventory and impact information.

Quality Check

Quality Check

Repair technicians thoroughly inspect and identify the processes that need to take place to restore garments to renewed standards. Products are noted with different color tape to signify different repairs that are needed. No two products are alike, so each one is reviewed thoroughly to inspect and identify the repairs.


All Velocio Renewed products are repaired using our manufacturer repair and quality control standards. Highly trained repair technicians at The Renewal Workshop ensure every aspect of the repair meets these requirements. Sew technicians carefully apply new stitching, cleaning technicians thoroughly remove and spot clean garments. And material technicians cut, remove and smooth out any inconsistencies to provide a like-new product. All repairs respect the original design and quality standards of the garment.

Quality Assurance and Finishing

Quality assurance certifies that every garment meets Velocio quality standards, ensuring there are no signs of exterior visible repairs, defects or imperfections. Products are checked to meet the “renewed” standard before being readied for sale.  If anything looks off, the product is sent back to Quality Check for a thorough inspection. Garments are finished and polished removing any signs of lint, loose threads or wrinkles.

Photography and Packaging

Every Velocio Renewed product is photographed and displayed on the Velocio Renewed website. This ensures customers they know what they are getting. They are able to view the actual renewed product they would receive, and not the new comparable. Products are then packaged by hand with special Velocio Renewed packaging, put in the Renewed inventory and are ready for fulfillment when ordered.